Microscope – Solitaire – Part 2

Now that our Big Picture is

How the Cold War didn’t end in 1989.

Let’s choose some Bookends (where the history begins and ends):

Our history begins in 1945, after the fall of the Nazis.

And since I’m going all out for an alternative history, let’s end it in the future, say, 2045, after the mutual collapse of the USA and USSR.

Oh, and I have to assign “moods” to the book-ends – light or dark – which are symbolized by light and dark circles (0 or •)

Since it’s the Cold War, I’m going to say the fall of the Nazis gave birth to something arguably MORE rotten, and so I’m making 1945 a dark time (•).  2045, on the other hand, will be a point of hope (o).






One response to “Microscope – Solitaire – Part 2”

  1. Alex Avatar

    Great! I wonder where this will take you! I will keep my eye on this project!

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