Red Alert! Future Prof. at Work

Dear Family, Friends, Colleagues and Other People Who Might Know Me or (Because It’s the Internet) Don’t,

I thought I’d type up a quick summary of what’s going on with me this fall of 2011.

While economic institutions lurch around their avaricious withdrawal of all capital from 98% of the world’s population, poor/plucky little me is heading out onto the German/film job market.  This was something I knew since the spring, but the visceral fact of the matter hit home over the weekend at the German Studies Association 2011 conference in Louisville, KY.  Yes, there are jobs.  Yes, there will be fierce competition among colleagues for them. Yes, I stand a chance at maybe getting one.

That being said, I’ve found myself involved with too many projects and loose ends to wrap up as I turn my attention to the timely completion of my long-overdue dissertation and the endless writing of cover letters, solicitation of information, etc.  In response, Kat and I have formed a solidarity pact to keep the various other forces at bay.

So what does this mean?

If you are involved on a project with me, I will endeavor to keep my deadlines, side of the bargain, etc.  If you are my friend, I will attempt to keep appointments to see you.  But if it seems like I’m a little spacy, punch-drunk, disorganized or whatever, please keep in mind that I’m now engaged in an existential proxy battle for my future while trying to keep all these commitments.

Thanks for your understanding!


(The Guy in the Black Hat)



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3 responses to “Red Alert! Future Prof. at Work”

  1. Electra Avatar

    Good luck! You can do it! Your friends and colleagues will still be there on the flip-side.

  2. Olle Avatar

    Victory is not all in battle. May you rise to win the long peace.

  3. R. W. Rynerson Avatar

    Anyone who knows which films Aubrey Pankey was in deserves a good career in films! Thank you for posting this update, and someday I’ll head down to the Mayan to see your work playing on Broadway (in Denver).

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