May Day and Generational Conflict

Remember, above all else, that tomorrow is International Workers’ Day.

Unless you’re a big property owning industrialist, tomorrow is meant for you.

May Day now will always remind of the big party in Kreuzberg and the scuffles in Berlin while I was there in 2010.

It will also recall the fact that, despite calls for the youth to make war against the old, the enemy still remains the oldest of all: capitalism.

I will spend my May Day watching German films and contemplating their labor relations, not out of pretentiousness or facetiousness, but because it’s the end of the semester and it’s also my job.

Those of you who have work, may God bless your good fortune and grant you the strength to fight for the appreciation you deserve.

Those of you without work, may you pour out onto the streets to show the world you exist and deserve a living wage.

We all do. Every generation does.



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