Tweeting and Back Again: A Blogger’s Tale

For years, I more-or-less used this site as a posting board for various projects, from conferences to awards; from course assignments to petitions for saving school programs.

But that’s because I was posting a lot in other places the past 10 years: gradually more on Facebook, then intensively on Google+, then overwhelmingly on Twitter.

You’ve probably heard that Google+ shut down in 2019.

You’ve probably also heard that Twitter is headed off a self-immolating cliff.

And Facebook? Hahahahahaha

Which leaves me with… this website. After all these years, WordPress is still with me, somehow.

A major other reason I haven’t posted much of substance since 2015 is, well, I almost always owe someone somewhere some writing. And why would I be writing something here when I could be busting my butt to deliver my overdue text to them?

But over time I also discovered my inspiration was slipping, somehow. I felt less inclined to write because it was something I owed someone, rather than a daily activity that I just, well, did. And do.

So in honor of Twitter collapsing and me having an epiphany that I’ll never ever be “caught up” anyway, I am restarting this blog as a space for my words, etc.

There’s a lot more to say, but I’m a parent of 2 these days, see, and the space to dash out a Tweet is much easier to find than a Post. No wonder I was on Twitter!

For now, I will simply hit “Publish” and, with that, re-inaugurate this space for myself.





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