Spring 2023 Game Courses at University of Cincinnati


Poster designed by Ella Marcil

Well, the poster says it all, but I will also put it in text form for explanatory and accessibility purposes.

Introduction to Game Design

Taught by George “Loki” Williams

DMC 2167

Tuesday-Thursday 12:30 – 1:50 pm

Are you just starting on your game design journey? This is the course for you! It’s taught by George “Loki” Williams, a professional who worked with Pathfinder and other game development communities. Loki moved back to Cincinnati from New Orleans and we’re grafeful to have his local expertise. Making games can be learned by anyone, and the process includes both digital and non-digital tools.

Game Design for Inclusion

Taught by Katherine Castiello Jones

DMC 2168 and SOC 3072

Monday Wednesday Friday 1:25 – 2:20 pm

Games are for everyone… aren’t they? In this course, Katherine Castiello Jones takes a hard look at games through a sociological lens. Students will design games that address social inequities and welcome marginalized communities into gaming.

Decolonial Game Design

Taught by Eliane Bettochi and Evan Torner

DMC / FILM 3018

Tuesday Thursday 2 – 3:20 pm

Do you want to recognize and begin dismantling overt colonialist game design patterns? This UC Honors course taught by myself and arts professor Eliane Bettochi is intended to open dialogue between a former colony in the West (USA) and one in the Global South (Brazil), using the vehicles of games. Students will learn the fundamentals of decolonial critique, identify colonial tropes in games, and collaborate with Brazilian arts students to make new games with decolonial intent.

Game Studies and New Media

Taught by Evan Torner

Monday Wednesday Friday 10:10-11:05 am

Want to learn how to “read” a game? Every Spring, I introduce a new group of students to the tools to interpret everything from backgammon to Overwatch 2. A great tour of the Game Studies field for the curious and committed alike. Alumni of just this course alone have gone on to work in both the games industry and games journalism.

Students at UC can register for these and other courses here.






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