Game Scholarship

Since 2010, I have been actively involved in the Game Studies field and have produced scholarship primarily pertaining to role-playing games. Below, you can find much of my work. [Updated January 4, 2018]

Media Appearances

An Interview with Jim McClure of the One Shot podcast (June 2016)

An Interview with Alex Roberts on the BackStory podcast (May 2016)

An Interview with Eric Molinsky on the Imaginary Worlds podcast (January 2017)

Co-Edited Journal


Co-Edited Volume


Published Articles and Book Chapters

  • Torner, Evan.”Tensions Between Fandom and Live-Action Role-Play.” (2017) [Article]
  • Torner, Evan. “Literary and Performative Imaginaries: Where Characters Come From.” (2017). [Article]
  • Torner, Evan. “Teaching German Literature through Larp: A Proposition.” International Journal of Role-Playing 7 (2016). [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “The Self-Reflexive Tabletop Role-Playing Game.” G|A|M|E: The Italian Journal of Game Studies 5.1 (2016) [Article]
  • Torner, Evan. “Uncertainty in Analog Role-Playing Games.” Analog Game Studies 1.  (2016). [PDF]
  • Koulu, Sanna, Katherine Castiello Jones and Evan Torner. “Playing at Work: Labor, Identity and Emotion in Larp.” Solmukohta 2016: Larp Realia and Larp Politics. Eds. Kaisa Kangas, Mika Loponen, and Jukka Särkijärvi. Helsinki: Solumkohta, 2016. 122-132. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “Bodies and Time in Tabletop Role-Playing Game Combat Systems.” WyrdCon Companion Book 2015. Ed. Sarah Lynne Bowman. Los Angeles, CA: WyrdCon, 2015. 160-176. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan and Katherine Castiello Jones. “The Parlor Sandbox: Counter-Players and Ephemera in American Freeform.” WyrdCon Companion Book 2014. Ed. Sarah Lynne Bowman. Los Angeles, CA: WyrdCon, 2014. 69-75. [PDF]
  • Bowman, Sarah Lynne and Evan Torner. “Post-Larp Depression.” Analog Game Studies 1. (2014) [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “Transparency and Safety in Role-Playing Games.” WyrdCon Companion Book 2013. Eds. Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek. Los Angeles, CA: WyrdCon, 2013. 14-17. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “Air Castles Built on Concrete.” The Official Book of Knutepunkt 2013: Crossing Physical Borders. Eds. Karete Jacobsen Meland and Katrine Øverlie Svela. Oslo: Fantasiforbundet, 2013. 9-20. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “Playing with Plague or Solmukohta 2012.” Playground Magazine 6. Eds. Kasper Friis Hansen, Claus Raasted, Lars Nøhr Andresen. (September 2012) Denmark. 48-52. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan.”Futurity and Larp.” WyrdCon Companion Book 2012. Eds. Sarah Lynne Bowman and Aaron Vanek. Los Angeles, CA: WyrdCon, 2012. 70-84. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “Where the Game Begins: Kid Nation and Systemic Violence.” Immersive Gameplay: Essays on Role-playing and Participatory Media. Eds. Evan Torner and William J. White. Jefferson, NC: McFarland, 2012. 127-146. [PDF]
  • Torner, Evan. “The Theory and Practice of Larp in Non-Fiction Film.” Think Larp. Eds. Thomas Duus Henriksen, et al. Denmark: Bymose Hegn, 2011. 104-123. [PDF]


  • Torner, Evan. “Emergence, Iteration, and Reincorporation in Larp.” The Official Book of Knutpunkt 2018. Eds. Annika Waern and Johannes Axner (in process).
  • Jara, David and Evan Torner. “Literary Studies Approaches.” Routledge Handbook of Role-Playing Game Studies. Eds. Sebastian Deterding and José P. Zagal. New York: Routledge. (in process).
  • Torner, Evan. “RPG Designer and Fan Theorizing.” Routledge Handbook of Role-Playing Game Studies. Eds. Sebastian Deterding and José P. Zagal. New York: Routledge. (in process).
  • Torner, Evan. “Planescape: Torment Immersion.” How to Play Video Games. Eds. Matthew Payne and Nina Huntemann. (in process).
  • Torner, Evan. “Tempering Narrativism: The Early Forge TRPGs (2001-2005).” Tabletop Role-Playing in the Indie Scene: Discussing Game Design, Theory, and Publishing at the Forge, 2001-2012. Ed. William J. White. Pittsburgh, PA: ETC Press. (in process).
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