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  • Tweeting and Back Again: A Blogger’s Tale

    For years, I more-or-less used this site as a posting board for various projects, from conferences to awards; from course assignments to petitions for saving school programs. But that’s because I was posting a lot in other places the past 10 years: gradually more on Facebook, then intensively on Google+, then overwhelmingly on Twitter. You’ve […]

  • March 18th 2022: Symposium: Nosferatu –– 100 Years of Horror

    Nosferatu: 100 Years of Horror Register for the event HERE. Organizers: Ervin Malakaj & Evan Torner Date: Friday, March 18, 2022 Co-Sponsored by the CES Cinema Studies Network and the Weimar Film Network “Nosferatu: Does not this word sound like the call of the death bird at midnight?” For a century, audiences have passed into […]

  • Evan’s Epic Recap – Role-Playing in Games Seminar and Solmukohta, Finland 2012

    This enormous blog post is dedicated to my entire trip to Finland via Stockholm from April 6-April 17, 2012. The post functions as a therapeutic information dump of the major threads from my journey. It interweaves academic, personal, theoretical and actual details of my trip. Don’t expect great truths, but do expect my impressions and subjective biases!