For years, I more-or-less used this site as a posting board for various projects, from conferences to awards; from course assignments to petitions for saving school programs.

But that’s because I was posting a lot in other places the past 10 years: gradually more on Facebook, then intensively on Google+, then overwhelmingly on Twitter.

You’ve probably heard that Google+ shut down in 2019.

You’ve probably also heard that Twitter is headed off a self-immolating cliff.

And Facebook? Hahahahahaha

Which leaves me with… this website. After all these years, WordPress is still with me, somehow.

A major other reason I haven’t posted much of substance since 2015 is, well, I almost always owe someone somewhere some writing. And why would I be writing something here when I could be busting my butt to deliver my overdue text to them?

But over time I also discovered my inspiration was slipping, somehow. I felt less inclined to write because it was something I owed someone, rather than a daily activity that I just, well, did. And do.

So in honor of Twitter collapsing and me having an epiphany that I’ll never ever be “caught up” anyway, I am restarting this blog as a space for my words, etc.

There’s a lot more to say, but I’m a parent of 2 these days, see, and the space to dash out a Tweet is much easier to find than a Post. No wonder I was on Twitter!

For now, I will simply hit “Publish” and, with that, re-inaugurate this space for myself.

Now that our Big Picture is

How the Cold War didn’t end in 1989.

Let’s choose some Bookends (where the history begins and ends):

Our history begins in 1945, after the fall of the Nazis.

And since I’m going all out for an alternative history, let’s end it in the future, say, 2045, after the mutual collapse of the USA and USSR.

Oh, and I have to assign “moods” to the book-ends – light or dark – which are symbolized by light and dark circles (0 or •)

Since it’s the Cold War, I’m going to say the fall of the Nazis gave birth to something arguably MORE rotten, and so I’m making 1945 a dark time (•).  2045, on the other hand, will be a point of hope (o).

Last night, I played a game of Ben Robbins’ excellent RPG Microscope, in which you play out epic histories with your friends.  I liked it so much, that – inspired by our recent RPG Solitaire contest – I’m going to play a game by myself, on my blog, for 10 minutes a day.

Consider it a writing exercise during all my frantic writing projects.

Microscope allows you to generate full-fledged historical dramas that leap back and forward in time, drawing you further and further into an immersive world.

To start, one needs to come up with a Big Picture for the history and world.  Now, it doesn’t have to be anything complicated, so I’m going to K.I.S.S.:

How the Cold War didn’t end in 1989.

Next Post: Bookends (where the history begins and ends)