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  • American Freeform: A Transatlantic Dialog

    Quiet waves of change have rippled through the role-playing community. On Monday of this week, Lizzie Stark posted an introduction to American freeform on her blog, an entry that codified design practices we’ve been using here in the States since at least the middle of the 00s. As one of the numerous designers whose work she listed,…

  • Microscope – Solitaire – Part 2

    Now that our Big Picture is How the Cold War didn’t end in 1989. Let’s choose some Bookends (where the history begins and ends): Our history begins in 1945, after the fall of the Nazis. And since I’m going all out for an alternative history, let’s end it in the future, say, 2045, after the…

  • Microscope – Solitaire – Part 1

    Part 1 of my solo Microscope playtest.